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Our First Snow Day In Our New Home!

After a week of anxiously waiting to see if the snow predictions lasted, last night we sat at home waiting for those first few flakes of snow to begin to fall! After waiting for hours, I peeked out our front door towards the street light to see snow flying all around our home! At that moment Rustler and I ran outside into our front yard and began running around in the snow flurries! I’m not sure which one of us was more excited!! At 9:30 last night we took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and watched the snow fall all around us! We stayed out and played in the snow until late last night just soaking it all in! As we fell asleep, I could hear the wind whipping around our house and ice hitting our bedroom window as a mix of ice and snow continued to fall! As I laid their listening, my excitement to see what the morning looked like grew more and more! When we woke up this morning we found a perfect winter wonderland outside of our home! As I went downstairs, Rustler was already whining at the door to go outside and play – that boy LOVES his snow! We quickly made our way outside to find it was freezing ( 7 degree wind chill to be exact! ), but off we went to walk the neighborhood once again! The road through our neighborhood, and down our hill, was pure ice; so we shuffled our way through the neighborhood looking at all of the glistening snow covered houses! The pups were slipping and sliding all around as we made our way down the hill, but they had the biggest smile on their faces the whole time! We spent the rest of our day with lots of time playing fetch in the snow with frozen tennis balls, watching liberty eat her way through the snow, and cuddling inside with the pups when it was time to warm up! I can not wait to wake up tomorrow and see all of the snow still around our home once again!

Fetch in the snow is way better than regular fetch! Unless your ball gets left outside and is frozen and wont squeak..Poor Russ had a rough time with this!

We tried to get Russ to catch snow balls – but he didn’t want any part of it!

Liberty was determined to dig up the whole yard and eat all of the snow and ice she could find!

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