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We are building a house!!!!

I have been holding this secret back for a month now and its been driving me crazy!! Back in July we had been driving around looking at neighborhoods, and thinking about the idea of building a home next year. After hours of driving around one evening with the dogs in the back of the truck, we decided to head home. On our way home we passed a sign saying there was a new neighborhood 6 miles back. So we decided to turn around one last time and go see what there was. As we pulled into the neighborhood we realized that this one was different than all the others. It was a neighborhood on a hill, with hardly any houses, the perfect sized yard for the dogs, and it was surrounded by woods! Everything we wanted! As we drove the neighborhood we decided that I would come back the next morning to gather some information about the neighborhood. When I returned the next morning it was a whirlwind of information that lead to us picking a lot, and making an appointment to sign a contract in four days! After a month of waiting, our home if finally going up and we can not wait for the end of September to move into our home!!

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