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Do you get stuck during couple's portraits and not sure what to do next? Are your couple's still stiff in front of the camera even half way through the session? 
One thing I have found is that when you give your couples situations to work through they forget all about the fact that there is a camera following them - and that people are watching! I love allowing my couple's to have the freedom to show off their personalities and put their own spin on my poses and ideas! From genuine laughs, romantic moments, and belly laughs - these prompts get even the stiffest couples relaxed within minutes!

15 prompts for authentic posing for couples 


You'll receive a full list of 15 of my favorite and easiest prompts!

Your couples will LOVE getting in front of the camera which means they will love their photos even more!

Your grooms will even be thanking you for making photos so easy and fun!


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